Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Had a busy and exciting day today. Been waiting all week for the wooden flooring to come into stock at my local DH shop so that i could move on....well it is finally in place!! here is the last pic before the walls went back in!

Still have a lot to do before these rooms are finished but thought i would update anyway. Next job is beams, door frames, skirting and toughing up.
this is the office/workroom.

the kitchen

living room, runs front to back and opens from both.

hallway with little room just visible...not been decorated yet but i'm thinking a coat cupboard as i am planning on hiding the wiring and socket strip in here as it can't be stuck to the back of the house due to opening front and back.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Had a small break from the cottage due to my daughters birthday and getting the party all sorted but back on it again now. Been doing lots of painting and staring and have laid some gorgeous Richard Stacey flagstones in the kitchen that i won on ebay :-). Doing the waiting game again for a few days as i need some wood flooring to come into stock at my local DH shop before i can continue.

Friday, 10 June 2011

ok so next instalment! having stripped the inside i gave her a nice fresh coat of white paint and using oak veneer used in marquetry i redid the beams and window frames. although its not visible in the pics it gives a much better look than the black lines that were painted on before. i'm currently working on making doors for the insides as they are too small for 1:12 scale doors ...being cottage proportions.....will show them off when they are stained and have hardware attached.

Monday, 6 June 2011

and here she is today!! i have taken most of the ground floor internal walls out to strip and base coat as it was going to be way too fiddly to do with them in place. luckily they were just nailed in place so a gentle wallop from a hammer soon had them out!! next job base coat and put walls back. when they go back i am having a little jiggle about and having just 4 rooms and the hallway downstairs to give me bigger rooms but still retaining the character it came with.

cheeky cat!!

ok, so here is the inside. there are 2 rooms at the front, 3 at the back and the hallway on the ground floor and 2 rooms and a hallway up top. its such a pretty little layout that i am not going to change it too much!!

thought i would post some more pics of the house before i started on it!! here is the outside

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Hi this is my blog for my new dolls house which i have called teddy bear cottage. i bought it on ebay for £30, it was hand built in 1974 (the year before i was born) and was living just down the road from where i grew was fate!!

i picked the house up yesterday and was really has 6 rooms downstairs (if you count the hallway) and 3 upstairs. it opens front and back has doorways leading all over....well i should say it did!! today i have taken most of the internal walls out to strip the wallpaper, flooring and ceiling paper back to its bare wood before i put the walls back....although i am putting them back different to make better room sizes and may drop a room to give extra space.